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Dec 3, 2018 ... The 4th of July is a bad time for many pets around the country, but in places like Portland where people seem to be very big fans of fireworks ...

Exciting Adventures Can Also Support Important Conservation Projects!

Feeding your dog a balanced diet with the best pet aliment available is important. You do not want to give your dog low-quality ingredients or aliment that may cause them bloom problems down the road. Just because your dog will try to eat everything doesn’t mean that everything is good for them! Bad ingredients can […] Continue reading →

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Jun 29, 2017 ... Learn more about all of our Made in The USA Rawhide, Dog Chews, and products on our Mickey's Pet Supplies Blog Articles page! Check it ...

Should I Shave My Fluffy Dog in the Summer?

First of all, WHY feed a RAW diet? Feeding your pet the natural way with no additives or preservatives not alone gives your pet the best diet possible, but it will also make your pet energetic, happy, and healthy. Benefits include: Reduce bad breath & awful odours. Enhance your pet’s articulate hygiene, you don’t even […] Continue reading →

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Categories. Click to View Blog Categories ... Box Training Tips for Rabbits · Perfect Dog Stuffing Treats. 01 Mar ... Holiday Travel Must-Haves With Pets. 01 Dec ...

Products We Love: Silver Vine for Cats

You may have heard something online or from your vet about the issue of dogs bistro atom free foods sometimes assuming low levels of taurine in their bloodwork. Since then, we’ve had a number of barter that come saying their vet told them to switch to a food containing grains. One local vet in our area just sent out an email about Heart Disease and atom free foods, and also advocating for the use of  “Meat By-Products” in pet foods, and we’d like to address both of these topics to help you learn more and make educated decisions.

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Dog Milk | Pet Bed and Supplies Blog. About Blog Dog Milk is a modern dog blog  ...

Kongs Are So Useful For Holidays!

 Is Bakers and Pedigree Complete Really That Bad? YES! Behavioural Problems: As a dog behaviourist, I see many dogs that are showing signs of behavioural abnormalities and stress Some of these debilitating problems can be caused by what we feed our dogs. We are all aware what happens to our children if we feed  them food that is full of additives, […] Continue reading →

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Oct 22, 2017 ... First of all, WHY feed a RAW diet? Feeding your pet the natural way with no additives or preservatives not only gives your pet the best diet ...

Have You Heard Of A Catio?

The first thing you should apprentice about your dog is what they need. Most dog foods can be narrowed down to three main nutrients: protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Depending on your dog’s breed, health status, and activity level, the percent of these nutrients that your dog should eat will differ, but you still need to […] Continue reading →

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Attention Kibble Feeders: New Health Problem Reported

One thing that frustrates us is that many traditional vets work closely with brands like Purina and Hills, who are companies eager to use this opportunity to about-face nervous consumers aback to their formulas that accommodate corn, wheat, and soy. Some of these well-intentioned vets are simply advising customers to about-face to any food containing grains. Please note that foods fabricated with grains also are application plant proteins to save the company money by taking the place of more species adapted proteins from meat, and these plant proteins also do not accommodate those valuable amino acids like taurine, just like in grain free foods.

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When Vets Tell You To Switch from Grain Free Kibble to Grains

The truth is, all processed dry pet food diets are compromised nutritionally due to high-heat, high-pressure extrusion and the need for starchy carbs to bind them and make those little brittle nuggets. Critical amino acids like taurine that are found in muscle meats and organs are fragile and very heat sensitive, and so become damaged by processing. It’s true that another variable that might exacerbate these diet related heart problems could very well be the overuse of legumes in dog foods. Some brands use a lot of them because they contain plant proteins that are less expensive than meat proteins, but plant proteins don’t contain those vital amino acids. Large quantities of peas may very well be blocking absorption of those important amino acids found in meat that do vital jobs in your dog’s body like support his heart function. Please read more in this important article – we’ve tried hard to distill the facts and offer suggestions for how to avoid trouble.

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