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Kongs Are So Useful For Holidays!

Feeding your dog a balanced diet with the best pet aliment available is important. You do not want to give your dog low-quality ingredients or aliment that may cause them health problems down the road. Just because your dog will try to eat everything doesn’t mean that everything is good for them! Bad ingredients can […] Continue reading →

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Oct 22, 2017 ... First of all, WHY feed a RAW diet? Feeding your pet the natural way with no additives or preservatives not only gives your pet the best diet ...

Products We Love: Silver Vine for Cats

Food: We are lucky to live in a time and in a town that has a tremendous selection of ways to nourish your cat. Food is the absolute cornerstone of health, for us and for our cats. Many foods will allow your cat to survive, but the quality, types of ingredients, and the amount of processing a food goes through matter quite a bit. These factors can often be the difference between surviving and thriving. Most people automatically pick up a kibble for their new cat, but we’d like to let you apperceive that there are other options as well. Kibble is of course very convenient, and kitties like it a lot. In our opinion, kibble has appear a long way in the past 10 years or so and some are much better than others (later in this article, we’ll tell you how to identify the good from the bad). However, this is still a highly candy form of food, and as many people realize that for our own health, the beneath candy food and the added whole food in our diets, the better. The greater problems with kibble for cats are that many are too heavy in carbohydrates for cats, and also that kibble is so moisture deficient. Meat and Moisture are the two cornerstones of good nutrition for cats. There are some great moisture-rich cans and excellent commercially prepared diets made with fresh, minimally candy foods on our shelves and freezers, and we encourage you to try to integrate them, at least in part, to your cat’s diet. (You could of course make their food, though we realize that not everyone has the time or inclination to make their cat’s diets. If you want to, check out, written by a vet or for lots of tips and instructions). Regardless of how you provide it, we’d like to tell you why meat and moisture are such valuable components of the health of cats.

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Dog Milk | Pet Bed and Supplies Blog. About Blog Dog Milk is a modern dog blog  ...

Have You Heard Of A Catio?

 Is Bakers and Pedigree Complete Really That Bad? YES! Behavioural Problems: As a dog behaviourist, I see many dogs that are showing signs of behavioural abnormalities and stress Some of these debilitating problems can be caused by what we feed our dogs. We are all aware what happens to our children if we feed  them food that is full of additives, […] Continue reading →

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We might be called Green Dog, but the owners and staff of Green Dog are actually ..... version of this Nutrition article see “Cat Nutrition” on the Green Dog Blog.

Setting Your Cat Up For Litter Box Success

The first thing you should apprentice about your dog is what they need. Most dog foods can be narrowed down to three main nutrients: protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Depending on your dog’s breed, health status, and activity level, the percent of these nutrients that your dog should eat will differ, but you still need to […] Continue reading →

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Jun 29, 2017 ... Learn more about all of our Made in The USA Rawhide, Dog Chews, and products on our Mickey's Pet Supplies Blog Articles page! Check it ...

When Vets Tell You To Switch from Grain Free Kibble to Grains

Nothing’s more fun than a new kitten, and we know you’ll have a blast. However, there are some things that we feel are sometimes not able-bodied communicated to new cat owners about the long term affliction of bodies that could advice you make your kitty’s activity as long and healthy as it could be, as able-bodied as helping you to avoid behavioral issues in the future. We might be alleged Green Dog, but the owners and staff of Green Dog are actually made up of some pretty serious cat people. We know there’s a lot of info in here, especially in the diet section, but after serving the cat community of Portland since 2004, our hearts are often heavy from the overwhelming numbers of bodies with chronic illness, much of which we feel could have been prevented with better nutrition. Also, a greater understanding of the behavioral needs of bodies could advice to prevent or resolve behavioral issues that are very difficult for the bodies in the household to alive with and often result in bodies being given up to shelters.

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No one wishes a smelly dog around them. But worse of all it could indicate health and wellness issues for you pet. Suzies Pet Supplies. We have all heard of ...

Should I Shave My Fluffy Dog in the Summer?

We talk to so very abounding customers who have cats with renal failure, urinary tract problems, diabetes, and serious bowel problems. Understanding a few things about how cats are designed and what their nutritional needs are will help you make bigger choices for your cats to avoid these problems which are often so rooted in diet (and so expensive to accord with once they have them!)

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Congratulations On Your New Kitty!

First of all, WHY feed a RAW diet? Feeding your pet the natural way with no additives or preservatives not alone gives your pet the best diet possible, but it will also make your pet energetic, happy, and healthy. Benefits include: Reduce bad breath & awful odours. Enhance your pet’s articulate hygiene, you don’t even […] Continue reading →

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